Professional voiceovers for videos in English and German

Images and Music can be immensely powerful and there’s an essential dynamic between the visual and audio spheres. A professional speaker knows how to create the right mood to enhance this process. Here’s a selection of diverse videos with my voice, produced for the internet, TV, cinemas, conventions and other events.

If you can’t find a suitable video-demo for your project or client here you might like to take advantage of my free mp3 custom-demo offer.


voice-over, commercial (2016)
© Febreze

voice-over, commercial (2016)
© P&G

voice-over, documentation (2014)
© Bread for the World

voice-over, commercial (2015)
© Vaillant

voice-over, commercial (2016)

voice-over, commercial (2016)

voice-over, report (2017)
© Eastforum Berlin


voice-over, corporate video (2018)
© Getzner

voice-over, commercial, comedy (2016)
© Collonil

voice-over, explanatory film (2013)
© Mindfuck Coaching

voice-over, commercial for TV and cinema (2016)

voice-over, commercial (2017)

voice-over, explanatory film (2014)
© erklä

voice-over, explanatory film (2017)
© Shellfire

voice-over, explanatory film (2017)


Vibrant, cool, emotional, proud, sober, friendly, thoughtful, clear – the mood required for an audio recording can vary dramatically, even within a single text. As a professional voiceover artist I can help you find the right “sound” to successfully implement your ideas.

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